Thursday, 28 October 2010

Carvings complete.

A couple of photos here of carvings finished today. Thought you might like to see!

                           Highland Pony carved in Cherry wood.


                                   English Tudor rose carved in a lovely piece of quarter sawn Oak.
Surely either of the above would make a lovely Christmas present?

Best regards from a sunny Speyside,


First snow.

The first snows of the season fell last week, and thankfully, have now thawed from all but the highest hills. Winter has to come I know - but surely not in October!

After last winter,(the harshest for thirty years) there is something of a sense of impending doom, about what may happen between now and next April. Snow shovels are already flying off the shelves of the local agricultural supplier, and cupboards being stocked up in advance of Winter's seige.

Inspite of that, Autumn is still putting on a wonderful show for all with eyes to see, and the colours on Speyside at the moment would surely rival New England.

With the end of October comes the pheasant shooting, and myself, Emma, and the dogs, were out beating and picking up on a local estate last Saturday. The day went well, with only the odd snow shower, and Autumn sunshine in the afternoon. The Labs loved it, and worked so well for youngsters!

We will be out again this coming Saturday, and will hopefully avoid a soaking.

Best regards,


 Oak 'Stag' rocking chair. Completed this week, and ready for delivery.

Carving detail on rocker arm.

Carving detail from the top of the rocker back leg


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Harvest home.

Today Speyside rests under a blanket of thick fog, although I have no complaint, as it's not raining!

Yesterday was the most perfect, sunny, clear, Autumn day, and the weather over the past weekend was pretty good too.

Full advantage was taken of the wonderful weather conditions, by getting out into the sand school on Monty, as well as heading out for a marvellous hack on Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, I remembered to take the camera with me on this occasion, and Emma managed to take some pics of the 'Power Pony', as he both stood and cantered across the newly cut stubble.

                                          Farmer Turnip,(me) on his cob.

                                          Can you feel the ground shake?

                                          Yep, earth tremor recorded in Aberdeenshire!

Combined harvesters have been running almost flat out over the past few days, to make up for time lost during the recent wet weather. Just a couple more days will see all the straw bales in and under cover. A great relief for all concerned.

Things in the workshop move on apace, with the carved Oak rocker being all but complete. As well as that, I have a red stag carving in Sycamore that needs just one more coat of polish before it too is finished, and in addition, I am about to commence carving a head and shoulder study of a Highland pony, in Cherry wood.

See what you think!

Sycamore stag carving. Can you see the tracks?

Oak rocker glued and cramped.

Regards from a grey Speyside,