Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Even by the standards of an average British summer, the weather that we have been experiencing in the Grampians and N.E. of Scotland recently, can only be described as appalling! Days of incessant rain have left roads awash, with roads, fields, and even houses, flooded. Still, so far the workshop has remained dry, and work has continued apace.

Below are examples of pieces recently finished and collected by clients.

                                        Clan MacThomas chair in oak.

                                              Clan MacLeod chair in oak

Hand carved church collection plates

Carving classes being held throughout the year. Anyone interested in attending, please ring 01340 810495, or e-mail sballintomb@aol.com  .Cost for the day, £50.00, which includeds all wood, tools, instruction, and lunch!



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