Monday, 22 November 2010

Weeks flying by!

The weeks are flying by, and before we know it we'll be entering December, and facing Christmas! The weather over the least few days has been mild and wet, and certainly isn't helping the ground dry out. However, snow is forecast for tonight and the rest of the week, and we can only hope that it will confine itself to the hill tops, and not lower levels.

Myself and Emma have been packing in the beating recently, and the dogs are really starting to get fit! Most of the shoot days have been under the 100 head mark, but on Saturday we were working the dogs on a 250 bird day, which combined with steep ground, to make for hard going.

The present full moon and NE wind ought to bring the winter's first fall of woodcock, and whilst driving early this morning, a woodcock jumped up off the grass verge where it had been feeding, as my car headlights approached.
Of course, I can't be sure that this bird was a recent migrant, but I rather suspect that it was.

On the work front things are fairly busy, with a carving of a Black faced ram in spalted beech, recently finished, and a house sign in sycamore, bound for a property on the shores of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, USA, very need completed.

See what you think!


Ram drawn out, and the carving begins.

After! Carved ram's head complete.

The girls out beating!

Steep, wet ground. Hard going for man or beast.



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