Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Ready for the Great Lakes.

The weather forecast told of snow on high ground last night, and although they often get such things wrong, they didn't this time.

We awoke this morning to around an inch or so of the white stuff, which has increased to around four inches over the day. Not much for this part of the world, admittedly, but after the hardest winter in thirty years,(and some say longer) last year, everyone is wondering, just what nature has in store for us between now and Easter.

Perhaps the animals have the correct approach, as the dogs lie sleeping in front of the fire, and the horses are rugged up in the shelter of the trees, eating haylage. Clearly, what will be will be!

On the upside, the carved house sign destined for Lake Michigan is now finished, and will be shipped out to the Great Lakes, some time over the next week or so.

See what you think.

Carved house sign ready for the Great Lakes.

Snow driving in from the NE.

Stay warm,


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