Wednesday, 1 December 2010


The weather forecasters do not always get things right, but my, they did this time!! When they spoke of heavy falls of snow on high ground they meant it..........and we got it!

As I sit here typing, the view from the office window resembles that of the Dacha scene, in Dr. Zhivago!,( the sparkly frozen one, at the cottage in the Urals). We have -10 C, and a level 18 inches of snow.

Last winter was the hardest in thirty years, and it all started in mid December. What we wonder does this winter have hidden up its sleeve, if we are experiencing these conditions in late November?

It is said that a pictures says a thousand words. So here goes.

                                                    Digging in to the steading.

                                          The Urals? Eagle Creek, Alaska? Nope...Ballintomb!

Ice anyone?

                                                                   Buried again!

                                   Monty wrapped up like a sausage roll, and as warm as toast.

                                                                 Got any carrots?

Stay warm where ever you are.


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  1. We're at -4 degrees, but the snow's gone. However, we've had such a hard frost that it's weighing down my electric fence tape. Less Dr. Zhivago more the Ice Queen's Narnia.

    Alan and Kitty both got feather mite this winter, they're getting treatment from the vets now. Just a heads up, in case Monty starts stomping his feet or scratching. Alan gave himself a wound above the coronet band from scratching and needed antibiotics and bandaging.