Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Another busy day.

Another busy day here at Burnside.

Below are a series of photos logging the progress of a carved sycamore plaque. The disk was cut out this morning, then the head study plus paw print of a Labrador retriever, were sketched out, prior to carving.

Sycamore is just about my favourite wood to carve, as it works so beautifully. Hope you like the results?

Plaques cut out and sanded.

Work finished for the day, I headed over to the forecourt of a local petrol station to pick apples. Whilst filling up there the other day, I had noticed the tree weighed down with fruit, and asked the owner if I might have some. She said, "Help yourself. If you don't pick them they'll just be wasted". This little lot ought to keep us in apple pies right through the winter!



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  1. If you get tired of pies, Juice them. If you save the juice in plastic milk jugs, you can put it in the freezer and have fresh apple juice through the winter. Bulk up on your vit C.

    Last year I tried making cider with mine, which veered off into vinegar. So as not to waste it, I tip some in the horses' feed every day. It's supposed to have healthful properties.