Sunday, 19 September 2010

When the north wind blows.

There has been quite a change in the weather and the seasons since last I posted, as by midweek the wind had swung around from the north, dropping the temperature here considerably.

Whilst unloading a trailer full of firewood on Wednesday morning, I could see my breath in clouds. This, added to the fact that the grey geese have returned from their summer sojourn in the arctic, makes me realise that whatever summer we may have had, is now past. I'm just relieved that the swallows all managed to fledge and get away to Africa in good time.

This week has been another one of carving, and I have also begun work on an Oak rocking chair, which will feature a carved red deer stag in its centre back panel.

The carved sycamore plaques below show a stag and an Aberdeen Angus bull. The later is to be featured in a monthly farming magazine, along with an article about my work. Should be fun!
I'm also to be featured in the October issue of the Knock News, so those in the locality, keep your eyes peeled for a copy.

If anyone would like to participate in one of our wood carving courses, please e-mail me at:, then we can tailor a course to your individual requirements.

Monty continues to go well, and in between showers yesterday, we headed out for a short hack followed by fifteen minutes in the sand school.

With each session his confidence grows. Yesterday's new experience was encountering an upturned wheelbarrow on a farm drive.
I don't know exactly how many of Monty's ancient ancestors were attacked by upturned wheelbarrows, but clearly it was not to be trusted!,( one can't be too careful).

On the way home we passed the same object again, but this time he didn't bat an eyelid. Clearly wheelbarrows have been ticked off the 'It's going to get me' list.

A wheelbarrow proofed Monty walking over poles.

Apples are still to be found in abundance, so there has been a lot of peeling and cooking going on. The best are going into apple pies, with the bruised windfalls being enjoyed by the horses. This way there are no losers!



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  1. Ah, the old horse-eating wheel horses could tell you some stories about those. Or plastic bags. Or puddles.

    Glad Monty is going so well. I'm still tempted to steal him, but I might wait now until you've finished schooling him.

    The weather is on the change down south too. A few cold nights, and our swallows are lined up on the phone wires, getting ready to migrate. I hope you're spared the snow fall of last year.