Tuesday, 28 September 2010

First frost.

The first frost of Autumn arrived with us yesterday morning, as I found the windows of the Jimny frozen white. Well, it had to come as it always does, but summer seemed to pass so quickly!

On the work front; the Aberdeen Angus bull carving is now finished, photographed, and hanging in the showroom for sale. It will be featured in an upcoming edition of The Northern Scot newspaper, something which I hope the readership will find interesting.

                                               Angus Bull carved in ripple Sycamore,(a few steaks on that one!)

The Oak rocking chair which I am at present working on is progressing well, the rails, legs, etc, being sanded and oiled, prior to gluing, cramping, and wax finishing.
The seat frame went away yesterday to be upholstered in a clan tartan, and the carving of a Red deer stag will commence tomorrow. That, along with carved deer hoof prints, should set the whole thing off rather nicely!

          Oak rocker in its basic cut out form. Shaping, carving and finishing, all to come.

Last Sunday saw myself and Emma heading down to Edinburgh, to visit Em's eldest, who is at Edinburgh Uni. The contrast between the capital and Speyside could not be more extreme, as we swapped golden, autumnal birches, for the buildings and bustle of the big city.
I am not a lover of cities, but it must be said that Edinburgh possesses some amazing architecture.

Picked up a super wide fitting saddle for Monty at the weekend. Synthetic, almost new, and indistinguishable from real leather, at six feet distance.
Monts will do a good deal of growing and changing shape over the next couple of years, so until then, there seems little point in buying him a good quality leather saddle. He would only out grow it!

A good many fields of barley have been cut over the last few days, and I am so looking forward to taking the boy for a canter over the stubbles! Then we'll see how the new saddle,(and matching brown numnah) really fit!



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